Wait… David Fincher Is Making Commercials For The Gap Now?

08.28.14 3 Comments


David Fincher — yes, that David Fincher, the one behind movies like Se7en, Fight Club, and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo — is trying his hand at selling jeans to teenagers at the mall now. Well, not exactly. Not the way Twin Peaks creator David Lynch is actively selling sports bras and leggings to female yoga enthusiasts. But kind of, to whatever degree making a series of commercials for The Gap makes you a suburban denim salesman. Because that’s what Fincher has done. It’s a little weird, right?

The four black-and-white spots are part of The Gap’s new “Dress Normal” campaign, and they feature sexy teenz and 20-somethings behaving sexily in a number of sexy locations (backseat of a car, driving range, apartment buildi-… hold on, driving range?). They’re very different thematically from his film work. Unless these four are just, like, Act I, and another one is on the way that shows the kids from three of the commercials finding the lifeless, limbless bodies of the kids from the fourth in a warehouse or something. Can’t rule that out, I guess. Not yet.

Please find the commercials below. My favorite is the driving range one because I like to imagine the dude shouted “DAMMIT, HEATHER. QUIT DISTRACTING ME. I GOTTA GET RID OF THIS SLICE BY SATURDAY’S SCRAMBLE” moments after the clip ended. It’s the little things.

Source: Vanity Fair

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