AMC Just Released A Closer Look At Negan And Lucille From The ‘Walking Dead’ Season Finale

The people behind The Walking Dead have become experts at building up baddies. Who wasn’t hyped beyond hype for the arrival of the Wolves, who were hinted at heavily through the second half of season five before attacking Alexandria in season six? And now there’s Negan, whose eventual arrival has resulted in a wave of giddy anticipation from comic book readers.

Even if you haven’t read the comic books, there’s been enough discussion online that everyone knows the broad strokes by now: Negan is the leader of the Saviors, and he has a particular affinity for beating in the heads of those who oppose him with a barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat.

Obviously, AMC knows we know, and they have played up the death via baseball bat thing several times already as something of a tease. But now that Negan’s arrival is nigh, they’re giving us our best look at The Walking Dead‘s new bad guy yet.

This promo shows the back of actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s head and his leather jacket. Resting on his shoulder: Lucille, Negan’s name for the baseball bat covered in barbed wire that he uses to lay down the law. Based on events the comics, that bat could result in the death of one or more of our favorite zombie apocalypse survivors. But because the show and comic tend to do the same things in different ways, we can only guess at who may die.

The Walking Dead season finale (and Negan’s arrival) drops this Sunday, April 3.