'The Walking Dead' Bad Decision Power Rankings: 'Alone'

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03.10.14 16 Comments

Previously on AMC’s The Walking Dead: what about Bob?

4. Maggie Greene

Ah yes, the ol’ “pretend to be a Walker by resting on the ground next to an ice cream truck instead of running into an abandoned building with vantage points where you can see everything and everyone around you” plan. Can’t believe it’s still never worked, even after 845 attempts.

3. Daryl Dixon

Probably should have taken that extra second to look through the door cracks, eh, Daryl? (Also, how did he hear a single dog barking but not an entire pack of zombies growling?)

2. Maggie Greene, Bob Stookey, and Sasha

I’m a bit confused on the timeline, so please yell at me if I’m wrong, but Maggie, Bob, and Sasha were on the road moving away from the prison for hours before Glenn woke up. Then he got delayed even further when Abraham & Co. went in the opposite direction of where he wanted to go. And yet, Glenn gets to the Terminus sign not long after Maggie leaves her blood-stained letter. Either he’s the fastest Asian since Long Duk Dong got to third base with Marlene, or Maggie, Bob, and Sasha are stumbling at a speed that rivals the actual Walkers. To quote every ska song ever, pick it up pick it up pick it up.

1. Blonde Girl

This comes from Radio.com:

The other musical moment in the episode came when [Blonde Girl] sang “Be Good,” by the indie folk band Waxahatchee, led by Katie Crutchfield. Beth and Daryl found safety in a remarkably well-kept but seemingly abandoned funeral home, which happened to have a piano in it. She sat down and started singing “Be Good,” which includes the lyric “You don’t want to be my boyfriend and I don’t want to be your girl,” seemingly answering the fans wondering if there will be any sparks flying between the traveling companions, who bonded over some moonshine and dead walkers in last week’s episode.

With all due respect to Waxahatchee, “Be Good” wasn’t what Beth was supposed to sing. [Thomas Golubic, who chooses TWD‘s music] tells us, “A Neutral Milk Hotel song had been scripted into this episode, but because of a licensing hurdle we landed on ‘Be Good’ as an alternate choice.” (Via)

I can only assume that NMH song is “Song Against Sex.” Jeez, way to be subtle.

Updated bad decision rankings:

3: CORAL Grimes, Maggie Greene, and Rosita
2: Abraham, Blonde Girl, and Daryl Dixon
1: Michonne’s Zombies, Rick, Tara Chambler’s Acting Coach, Eugene, Maggie, Little Blonde Girl, Deaf Bandit Taking a Dump, the Deaf Bandits, Bob Stookey, and Sasha.

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