‘The Walking Dead’ Bad Decision Power Rankings: ‘Dead Weight’

#5. His mother was a mudder

From this angle, it sure looks like Brian and company could have just, y’know, driven around the zombie mud pile, a literal and figurative storytelling road block. (I wish The Walking Dead was more like the NFL, with multiple looks at the same play/scene. Also, announcers. “THIS BRIAN. I CALL HIM THE GOVERNOR ‘CAUSE LIKE MOST POLITICIANS, HE GETS NOTHING DONE.”) Later in the episode, we see that there are clearly (and conveniently) trails in the middle of the woods big enough for cars, but not here, I guess? Sorry.

#4. Poor Enver Gjokaj

Dear TV shows,

If you’re going to cast Enver Gjokaj, don’t immediately kill him (something something swimming with the fishes). He was awesome on Dollhouse, and he could be awesome for you, too, if you give him a chance.


#3. Stupid, stupid Martinez

When Martinez last saw the Governor, he was gunning down his own people. For no good reason. Oh yeah, and he had an aquarium filled with heads. Why would he assume anything the Governor/Brian did was for the greater good anymore? Martinez should have brought the Governor and his three ladies into the camp, waited a few days, and finished his Woodbury buddy off the same way the Governor eventually finished him. Speaking of…

#2. Where is everyone?

There are a lot of people in this makeshift camp (at least 50), but no one can hear a man screaming for his life while he’s being dragged into a pit of noisy zombies? The geography is a little unclear, although we do know the golf RV is near the pit and not the table where beers were had, but Martinez’s body was dragged across a dusty road, so it’s not unreasonable to assume that at least ONE military member could’ve deduced that something didn’t make sense in the assumed “he got drunk and fell in” story. I’m not sure who made the bad decision here (besides Martinez for playing drunken RV rooftop golf with the G-O-V-A), so let’s just go with Mitch, because Mitch is the worst.

#1. Mitch is the worst

Oh Mitch. Mitch Mitch Mitch. You’ve just learned that Brian has killed your brother. You play it smart at first, not trying to physically overpower a man with a gun. He offers you a cigarette, you begrudgingly accept the cigarette. You’re not an idiot, until you are when you don’t wait for the moment when Brian lets his guard down and you kill the man who killed your kin. Be a literal back stabber, Mitch. Earn your denim cut-off vest.