'The Walking Dead' Bad Decision Power Rankings: Season 4 Finale

03.31.14 5 years ago 8 Comments

Previously on AMC’s The Walking Dead: Rick takes a bite out of crime and where art thou, Beth?

3. CORAL Grimes

After everything CORAL has been through, especially of late, you’d think he’d know better than to run away from the rest of his group to follow the screams of a howling man. That situation can only end one of two ways: either IT’S A TRAP, or the screaming man is about to be a meal fit for a zombie. The latter happened, and CORAL will never learn. Though maybe the screaming dude deserved it:


2. Maggie Greene

I get that Beth is only Maggie’s HALF-sister (so she only cares about her half as much), but she seems awfully unconcerned about what happened to her. Maybe the conversation took place off-screen, sometime between Glenn and Maggie’s reunion and when they were thrown into the train car, but considering she has nothing but time now, the first words out of Maggie’s mouth when she saw Rick should have been, “WHERE’S BETH?” Because The Walking Dead is at its best when everyone’s looking for a young(ish) girl.

1. Rick Grimes

Don’t censor yourself, Rick. You’re on AMC; you can say it once per season.

FINAL bad decision rankings:

6: Maggie
4: CORAL Grimes
3: Rosita
2: Abraham, Eugene, Blonde Girl, Little Blonde Girl, Daryl, Glenn, and Rick
1: Michonne’s Zombies, Tara Chambler’s Acting Coach, Deaf Bandit Taking a Dump, the Deaf Bandits, Bob Stookey, Sasha, Carol Peletier, Tyreese, and Falling Zombie.

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