‘The Walking Dead’ Celebrates 100 Episodes With A Collection Of The Most Memorable Moments

Senior Pop Culture Editor

The season eight premiere of The Walking Dead (it premieres October 22) is also the show’s 100th episode. Other notable 100th episodes include “Sweet Seymour Skinner’s Baadasssss Song” (The Simpsons), “I Sing the Body Electric” (The Twilight Zone), and “The Highlights of 100” (Seinfeld), which is notable for being a clip show. The Walking Dead doesn’t really do clip shows (Daryl, Carol, and Jesus sit around the camp fire and reminisce about all the walkers they’ve smushed?), so instead, AMC released a video highlighting some of the show’s most memorable moments over the first 99 episodes.

There’s the time Carl ate pudding on the roof.


Honestly, the video should begin and end there. I mean, no offense to the Governor, and Negan, and Shane, and Hershel and his dumb farm, but when I think of The Walking Dead in 20 years (when the show is still on), I’m going to remember the time that a child in a sheriff’s hat went to town on a comically large can of pudding. It’s the Let It Be album cover of Walking Dead scenes.

But enough about the past. Let’s look to the future: when The Walking Dead returns for season eight. Viewers can expect an All-Out War between Negan and Rick’s camps, a significant time jump, and (hopefully) more Shiva.

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