AMC Officially Announces Who Will Cross Over From ‘The Walking Dead’ To ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Next Year

After years of speculation (and sly denials on the part of AMC), Robert Kirkman announced back in October that a character from The Walking Dead would finally cross over on to Fear the Walking Dead (or vice versa), though Kirkman would offer no details about who the character would be. There has been a lot of speculation since about who it could be, including Morales (who has since returned … and departed from The Walking Dead) and several other characters, like Luciana from Fear the Walking Dead.

Most of the speculation, however, has revolved around Abraham, thanks mostly to a tweet he delivered soon after the crossover announcement.

Truthfully, Abraham makes the most sense. He used to live in Houston, Texas, which is where Fear the Walking Dead will be relocating in its fourth season and since his character is dead on The Walking Dead, jumping to the companion series should not present any scheduling conflicts.
But it’s not Abraham.

On The Talking Dead after tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, “The King, The Widow, and Rick,” AMC finally made the announcement official: It’s Morgan (Lennie James), who was missing for several seasons during The Walking Dead. Apparently, at some point during that time, Morgan spent some time in Texas? Unless the timeline on Fear jumps ahead to the present timeline on The Walking Dead, in which case Morgan will just do a lateral move.

Lennie James also suggested on The Talking Dead that he was heading to Fear the Walking Dead permanently and would not be back on The Walking Dead. Woah! He apparently, however, still has plenty of story left on The Walking Dead this season. That said, he begins filming on Fear tomorrow.

No more new details have been announced. It’s also worth noting that Fear the Walking Dead, which has improved dramatically over the last year, will also be adding Garret Dillahunt and Jenna Elfman to its cast next season, along with two new showrunners coming over from Once Upon a Time. With Ray McKinnon also likely on board and a creative surge on the series, Fear could very well pull even with The Walking Dead creatively next season, even if its rating still lag.