There’s A Subtle Tribute To The Saddest ‘Walking Dead’ Death Of The Season In The Midseason Finale

The Walking Dead viewers had to know they were in for a bloody season seven midseason finale — there hadn’t been a single recurring character death since the premiere, when Negan introduced Lucille to Abraham and Glenn. The episode didn’t disappoint: Spencer was literally gutted; Olivia was shot in the face; Aaron had the crap kicked out of him; and Rosita was slashed in the face. The finale ended on an uplifting note with our heroes reuniting in the Kingdom, but it’s going to be awhile before any of them feel safe again.

For Maggie, that moment may never come. She’s lost her entire family and the man she loved, and her child will be a constant reminder of what Negan took from her. But she’s doing better than she was a few episodes ago. Maggie has become a hero of sorts among the thankful Hilltop citizens, who make her and Sasha an apple pie to show their appreciation. (Meanwhile, that emasculated sell-out Gregory can barely stand to give up one apple.) She’s in full bad-ass, take-no-prisoners mode, which is bad news for Negan.

Walking Dead fans also recognized something about her outfit in the finale.

Between Maggie and Carl (Maggie’s cap > Carl’s sheriff hat), everyone on The Walking Dead will end up wearing someone’s hat by season 10.