Robert Kirkman Finally Explains The ‘Walking Dead’ Cliffhanger ‘Everyone Is Talking About’

Getty Image / IMAGE COMICS

At the end of most issues of The Walking Dead comic book, creator Robert Kirkman addresses fan questions and concerns. In the “Letter Hack” for issue #154, which came out today, Kirkman wrote about the season six finale of the TV show, y’know, the one where everything and nothing happened.

“Okay, the season six finale has certainly caused a fervor online,” the letter begins (with the understatement of the century). “EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT. Some people love it. Some people are indifferent. Some people HATE it. We weren’t trying to game the audience, we weren’t trying to drive you crazy, and we certainly weren’t trying to FORCE [Ed. note: an unintentional plug for Star Wars Day?] you to come back for season seven… we hope you were always planning on doing that and still plan on doing it.”

He’s right — we’re not going anywhere. Kirkman continues:

I can’t stay mad at anyone who makes a “The Best of Both Worlds” reference. Kirkman’s in a weird position — he has to defend AMC’s The Walking Dead, but in Issue #100 of the comic series, he shows the aftermath of Negan’s barbed wire baseball bat attack (poor, poor Glenn). It’s horrific, and definitive. No cliffhanger needed. That’s his vision — what happened on the TV show came from “everyone on the TWD team,” especially showrunner Scott Gimple.

As for the “we wanted to stay on your mind” reasoning? That rings hollow. Let’s say Negan bashed Carl’s head in, and we saw it. That would certainly give fans something to talk about in the months leading up to season seven. Then again, all of this — the controversy, the theories, the months-long wait — won’t matter when seasons six and seven are on Netflix, and you can watch the finale and premiere back to back. It’s probably great that way! Lucky future Walking Dead fans. They don’t know how easy they have it.

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