A ‘Walking Dead’ Director Reveals How They Made You-Know-Who’s Messed-Up Face

The next episode of The Walking Dead, the show’s 85th overall, will be the first since the death of Steven Yeun’s Glenn. The actor and podcast pro has been on AMC’s hit zombie series since the pilot, when he can be heard telling Rick, “Hey, you. Dumbass. Yeah, you in the tank. Are you cozy in there?” Glenn, who was brutally murdered by Negan in the season seven premiere, was the heart of the show — plus, he knew Rick was a “dumbass” before anyone else did — and The Walking Dead won’t be the same without him.

Yeun told Entertainment Weekly that he’s not sure “if I’ve fully processed it yet. This is something that will hit me maybe a couple of months from now. Or maybe it’ll hit me next year. Maybe it’ll be when I’m 45 and all of a sudden I’m just crying in my kitchen and I can’t explain why. At that point, it was beautiful in that it was so easy for me to get emotional.” And you might get emotional looking at the photos taken by Walking Dead director Greg Nicotero below, which detail how the makeup department prepared Yeun for his eye-popping scene. Warning: the blood is fake, but it looks very real.

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Blood added. Greatest make up fx team around!

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That last one looks like something the Crypt Keeper would comment on. “I have a splitting headache.”

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