‘The Walking Dead’ And Hallmark Teamed Up To Make Zombiefied Valentines

The Walking Dead has returned from its mid-season hiatus on Valentine’s Day weekend every year since season two, but season six is the first time an episode will actually land on the big romantic day. So it seems fitting that AMC and Hallmark have teamed up to release a series of walker themed eCards you can send to your significant other.

Or if you don’t have a significant other, how about that girl in the mailroom you harbor a serious crush on? Take a chance, and if she tells you she’s not feeling it you can always claim you were just sharing this popular TV thing, not your deepest, most earnest feelings.

Just don’t be a chump and send her the Hallmark eCard that says “I love you for your beauty and brains … but mostly your brains.” A true fan of the show would know that walkers in The Walking Dead universe don’t care about eating brains. That’s Return of the Living Dead zombies. What a geek faux-pas. You’d look like a fool! Hallmark would make you look like a fool, destroying your single chance of happiness with Mailroom Princess.

If none of Hallmark’s Walking Dead eCards capture your feelings adequately, why not make some of your own? Here’s a few examples to get you started…