The Walking Lulz: The Best Memes From This Week’s Episode Of ‘The Walking Dead’

Contributing Writer


Welcome to another edition of The Walking Lulz, our weekly round-up of all the best Walking Dead memes from across the internet. I’m sure glad you’re back… a lot of people were swearing they were done with The Walking Dead after last week’s cavalcade of head smashing. Those that did return for episode two of season seven were treated to a much gentler ride. We met the people of The Kingdom, their ruler King Ezekiel, his tiger, and Jerry! Jerry’s pretty much the best.

It’s really going to suck when all these people die. But hey, it’s The Walking Dead. How many idyllic communities do we have to see burn to the ground before we stop getting attached? Sorry Jerry fans. Anyway… here are some memes that’ll make you love Jerry and all the other fresh characters from The Kingdom.

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