The Best Memes And GIFs From This Week’s Episode Of ‘The Walking Dead’

Contributing Writer

As The Walking Dead speeds toward its season finale next week, the big question on everyone’s mind has been who will end up on the wrong end of Negan’s infamous barbed wire baseball bat. But maybe we were paying a little too much attention to that question.

In last week’s episode, Denise died with a crossbow bolt through her eye and now this week Dwight has struck again, shooting Daryl in the back. That’s two characters cut down by D, which is impressive especially considering he came back from that brutal dick bite attack by Eugene.

All I’m saying is we may want to pay more attention to non-Negan threats. Everything in the world of The Walking Dead can kill you, so what’s one more bad guy with a bat when you think about it? Despite the promise that he’ll appear in the season finale, this week’s Walking Lulz — your one stop shop for the best memes from the latest episode of The Walking Dead — is completely Negan- and gluten-free. Let’s do this!

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