One Of Negan’s Victims On ‘The Walking Dead’ Explains How He Kept His Death A Secret

The Walking Dead cast and crew didn’t lie to viewers about who Negan killed — they bent the truth. After months of speculation, frame-by-frame breakdowns, clarified comments, comparisons to the comics, and happy birthday videos, the season seven premiere finally revealed that Lucille came in fatal contact with first Abraham, who took it like a champ (until he died), then Glenn. Actor Michael Cudlitz — who seemingly ruled himself out of consideration when he said “Abraham will continue for a while now” — spoke to reporters on Monday about how he kept his deadly secret secure.

“Well, I think the best thing to do is sort of, you kind of pretend it’s just normal,” Cudlitz said. “So somebody bumps into you and is like, ‘Hey, what’s up man?’ It’s like, ‘Hey, what’s going on?’ ‘Oh, are you down in Atlanta?’ ‘Yeah, I leave in two days.’ Everywhere I went, I would tell somebody I’m leaving in two days, or I’d just gotten in town. It was always, ‘I was just getting here,’ or ‘I was just leaving.’ So I had people who were pretty close to me who really didn’t know what was going on.” He continued, “So it was a process, you know, the guy at the gym at the desk said, ‘I’m getting a little concerned, because you’ve been in for a lot of days in a row now,’ and I would say to him, ‘Oh, no I’m actually leaving tomorrow.’ And then for the next two weeks, I would go to a different gym. So it’s kinda easy to throw people off…”

“The people who were really trying to track us and really trying to ruin the experience for other people, they were able to lock us down better because they were specifically looking to do that, but generally speaking, I think we did a good job in keeping people confused. ‘Cause you don’t have to lie to people. You just have to keep them confused. You don’t have to tell them the thing that they’re believing isn’t true, you just have to always keep that in their mind that there might be another alternative and that alone makes it so that they confuse themselves. As long as there’s more than one idea floating out there, then nobody knows what’s going on.” (Via)

Think you can get Cudlitz to drop a spoiler? Suck his nuts, he ain’t speaking.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)