The 10th Season Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Is Going To Be Spectacular

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01.10.17 9 Comments


Both creatively and ratings-wise, the first half of the seventh season has not been the best run of episodes for The Walking Dead. Every long-running show, however, is allowed its occasional bad stretch, and Andrew Lincoln has promised us a return to form in the back half of season seven. A few cryptic posters have even got some long-time The Walking Dead fans excited.

What we should not expect, however, is the death of Negan in the back half. He’s going to be around for multiple seasons. Based on the trailer and interviews, the back half of season seven will mostly be about coalition building: Rick will try and build alliances to eventually take on Negan. We may also see some exciting developments with Carol in the back half.

But it’s not just the back half of season seven that looks exciting. Robert Kirkman just published the latest issue of the graphic novel, Issue #163, and it portends a very thrilling future for the series, as well.

(Vague Comics Spoilers)

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