At Least One ‘Walking Dead’ Cast Member Knows Who Negan Killed

Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple insists that he wasn’t trying to “f*ck with people” by not showing whose head Negan smashed during the season six finale. But something doesn’t add up. Chandler Riggs tweeted, “if it makes you feel any better I still don’t know who got killed and it’s been like 6 months since I read the script,” while director Greg Nicotero confirmed that the “finale death hasn’t been filmed yet.” There’s a chance not even Gimple knows who Negan killed, because he hasn’t written the scene yet, but Tyler James Williams, who played Beth’s now-departed buddy Noah, claimed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly Radio that the scene’s been in the works for months.

“Yes,” says Williams. “Yeah, I know.” Not only does Williams say he knows, but he has known since well before they filmed that harrowing scene. “They were still shooting [season] 6,” says Williams of when he found out. “So like, middle of 6.”

While Williams will not fess up as to who spilled the beans to him, he does confirm it was a cast member. “Oh, yeah, of course,” he says. “We all still speak and they kind of keep me up to date and stuff on what’s going on and all of that… You have to understand, [Gimple] knows everything seasons and seasons out, so people knew, but we can’t say anything. No one can say anything. So it’s actually better to say that we don’t know.” (Via)

Williams also knows, for a fact, that not everyone hates Chris.

Anyway, the worst part about being an actor or actress on The Walking Dead who might be dead isn’t losing a job — it’s your phone exploding with texts from friends who want to know who Negan killed.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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