We All Need a Drink: What We Learned From This Week’s ‘The Walking Dead’

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11.04.13 401 Comments
While I wouldn’t say that “Indifference,” the fourth episode of The Walking Dead’s season four, hit a lull exactly, it was definitely a slower-paced episode of the series that often recalled the earlier, Frank Darabont seasons. With Scott Gimple taking over showrunning duties from Glen Mazzara, Robert Kirkman has expressed a desire to better utilize the source material (as Darabont had). If this episode is any indication, that apparently means more supply runs and, in the midst of those, more conversations. Indeed, while the season-long plot didn’t advance very much this week, all the blah blah blah helped us better get to know the characters.

What did we learn about them? Let’s dig in.

Ninety percent of the episode alternated between two supply runs: One for medicine (Bob, Tyreese, Daryl, and Michonne) and one for food supplies (Rick, Carol), and here’s what we learned about everyone along the way.

Dammit, Bob. There’s No 12-Step Program in the Zombie Apocalypse — Bob’s conscience has been weighing on him ever since Sasha picked him up. The unlucky son of a bitch has been the last man standing in two groups, and he’s not anxious to be the last man standing in a third one. He’s still torn about Sasha picking him up, because he’s not so sure that he couldn’t have been happier roaming around on his own, brown-bagging a liquor bottle like an apocalyptic hobo, happy to be drunk and away from all that death. Unlike Daryl, he understands why the “douches” trapped inside a garage took their own lives: At least they had some control over it, and had the ability to go together. Daryl, ever the survivalist, thinks anyone that exits the world before they’re taken is a “douche.” Meanwhile, Bob was wondering what the alcohol content of anti-freeze is.

Also, these two could make a really sweet couple, couldn’t they?

Meanwhile, Bob is also feeling guilty about the death of Zach, because he knows that taking that liquor bottle, which brought the shelf down, is what killed him. Daryl thinks that’s dumb, at least until later in the episode when Bob risks his own life to save a bottle of liquor from the walkers. NOT SO DUMB NOW, HUH, DARYL? Bob’s an alcoholic, and it’s potentially impeding his ability to help the infected people back at the camp. Who knows? Alcohol may have played a role in the deaths of his last two camps. Bob is a big-time blockbuster drinker; he even made toward his gun when Daryl threatened to toss his liquor.

Daryl, meanwhile, has no patience for that kind of weakness (although, you’ll notice that at one point, both Bob and Daryl are sharing a cigarette together. WHO’S WEAK NOW, DARYL?). The good news is, they managed to get the medication, and avoid two camps of walkers. The bad news is: Bob’s a wild card. His alcoholism is a threat to the camp.

Here’s the Bob Stookey character summed up in two GIFs:

“Anger makes you stupid and stupid gets you killed.” — Tyreese is going through the stages of grief, specifically anger, while Michonne is on the other side of it. Tyreese gives no f*cks, putting his own life at risk because he’s neither sure life is worth living without Karen, nor sure that it will ever get better. He’s in full-on, Eli Manning face sulk mode, a phase we’ve already seen several characters go through (specifically, Rick), while Michonne thinks Tyreese needs sack up and get over it. I agree. Scowly Tyreese is not my favorite character right now.

But what about Michonne’s anger? Why is she still trying to track down The Governor? Michonne is over it, she says, I think her moment with Lil Ass Kicker a couple of episodes transformed Michonne. She wants to live, not just for revenge, and not just to kill the Governor, but for living’s sake. For all the words, however, the biggest advancement in Michonne’s character came when she said that Jasper brings out the color in Daryl’s eyes.

That Michonne, she’s a charmer.

At the end of the episode, the foursome — still working through their own issues internally — heads back to camp with the medical supplies. HOORAY. EVERYONE IS SAVED.

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