All The Ways Sam And Ron Are The Worst On ‘The Walking Dead’

(Spoilers from Walking Dead season six.)

Proving once again that television shows don’t really know how to handle kids, Sam and Ron on The Walking Dead are the worst. Like, Britta-level-worst. Sure, the Wolves and most likely Negan are worse in the sense that they are a direct threat to the group, but Sam and Ron have tried and will continue to try to bring down the Alexandrians indirectly. After the disappointing midseason finale, we just have more reasons to support that. Let’s dive into how awful these kids are.

When the episode opened, we see Sam’s half-eaten cookie being devoured by ants, which was meant to mirror the walkers devouring Alexandria (despite them not actually killing anyone onscreen this time). How dare you waste that delicious cookie, Sam! People were stealing canned food just a few episodes earlier. For the rest of the show, Sam refuses to really accept the reality of the situation, blasting his tunes and possibly causing the gang’s zombie ruse to fail in the finale’s final seconds. Ron, on the other hand, also brought in a pack of walkers when he tried to kill Carl over Enid. All Carl has to do is to off Ron, and we’ll have a brand new Rick-Shane-Lori relationship arc. That’s what everyone wanted, right?

We get that the brothers have been through some sh*t, but so has everyone else. They’re traumatized, sure, but look at Carl, who had to shoot his own mother in the head. Being traumatized isn’t a good enough excuse to nearly kill everyone. At least we can rest assured that many people will die in the midseason return. And since Ron and Sam aren’t in the main group, they are certainly fair game to soothe zombie hunger pangs. Would you like to see them join the walker ranks?

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