‘The Walking Dead’ Will Dip Into Negan’s Past In Season 8

The Walking Dead, the TV show, hasn’t delved into Negan’s past, but The Walking Dead, the comic series, has, detailing his tragic backstory, including why he named his baseball bat “Lucille.” The lack of character context — why did Negan become such a bad guy? — has led to a one-dimensional villain on the AMC series, but showrunner Scott Gimple will shed light on Negan’s history “in the future.” He continued, “There’s a loose plan in place I have.”

We might see his plan as soon as season eight.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays the tilting weirdo, told Entertainment Weekly, “I think what’s interesting about this year — for me and for Negan — is that we’re going to start seeing slivers of who this guy is beyond the brutality that we saw in season seven… We’re going to find some more things about Negan, which I think are fascinating. I think the audience is going to really kind of dig it too.” The actor added, “The most fascinating stuff that I’ve got to do this year is seeing behind the leather jacket a little bit. And we’ll find more. We’re finding more all the time, but I think the writers and [Scott Gimple] have, have a plan for Negan, and I’m really liking how it’s playing out thus far.”

Morgan doesn’t see Negan as a bully, because “Negan doesn’t see himself as a big bully,” and he’s careful to not add his own interpretation to the character. “I refuse to, and there’s more to him than that,” he explained. “This year Gimple and I are on a mission to find him in there. And you know, I always am hoping that, at some point, we do a backstory episode for Negan, because it’s an amazing story. I don’t know that that’s going to happen this year, but we are going to see enough of him and he talks quite a bit, as you know. So he’s going to reveal some of himself to the audience this year.”

It turns out he was from Pee-Pee Pants City all along!

(Via Entertainment Weekly)