‘Supernatural’ Hit A Home Run With This Unexpected ‘The Walking Dead’ Crossover

03.10.17 1 year ago


Despite declining ratings, The Walking Dead will run at least 10 seasons, and probably many more. That’s a rare achievement for any drama, especially a drama about zombies, and it’s already the longest-running show in AMC history. But there are also only 16 episodes of The Walking Dead per season, compared to the 22-23 episodes network shows churn out every season. For instance, the season seven finale of The Walking Dead, which airs in April, will be the show’s 99th episode — another long-running genre show, The CW’s Supernatural, which is now in its 12th season (!), hit #99 in season five.

Besides longevity, albeit longevity as defined by network vs. cable, The Walking Dead and Supernatural have something else in common: Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The actor plays villainous Negan on the former, and the father of Sam and Dean Winchester, John, on the latter. But the streams crossed (over) during Thursday’s episode of Supernatural, “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell,” when Dean walked into frame caring a familiar, blood-covered prop.

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