'Walking Dead's' Hershel Greene Arrested for DWI, Blames It On Slanted Road

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08.28.12 14 Comments

Scott Wilson, who plays old coot Hershel Greene on AMC’s Walking Dead, was arrested for DWI on August 18th, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. The old man was apparently knocking back scotch and wine, driving over 70 mph, and swerving back and forth. But the best bit about his arrest? His excuse:

After failing field sobriety tests, Wilson complained the roadway was too “slanted” and asked the officer if he could instead perform some “yoga moves.”

What? What does that even mean? He wanted to do yoga? Scott Wilson, who is 70 years old, doesn’t really strike me as the yoga type. Blaming it on the road slant, though, that I understand. I mean, they really should make roads straighter and more even. It’s really an unfair disadvantage for drivers.

Also noteworthy: He got drunk at the Founders Restaurant & Bar in nearby Senoia, where the third season of The Walking Dead is currently shooting. So, he’s apparently like the guy who graduates high school and continues to return to the prom, unless of course Zombie Hershel is going to return in the third season of The Walking Dead, which would be awesome. I hate when good jokes are ruined by facts.

The Walking Dead returns in October.

(Source: AJC)

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