Walter White Demonstrates What To Do With A Machine Gun In The ‘Breaking Bad’ Season 5 Gag Reel

If you’re deeply immersed in the Breaking Bad coverage here at Uproxx as we approach the final eight episodes, you might be feeling a little tense because of the GIF retrospective or a look back at the 10 Biggest Oh Sh*t moments of the series. Let’s start our Wednesday with something lighter: There’s really no better way to kick off your morning watching h Anna Gunn make fart noises with a toy doll, Cranston crack wise, Badger make gender-backwards puns, Jonathan Banks express exasperation, or Walter White go Scarface with that machine gun in his trunk.

God, I love a good gag reel. Check it out below.

If that doesn’t satiate you, you can also watch the season four gag reel here.