Fake Person Walter White Was Buried In An Albuquerque Cemetery With Real People

Albuquerque’s confusing relationship with Breaking Bad got a little more twisted yesterday when a criminal was honored with the same sort of pomp and circumstance usually reserved for American war heroes and cute dogs. Walter White, a fictional person on a show about the evils of meth and wonders of karaoke, was laid to rest in an actual cemetery, where real humans are buried. This made some people who are TOTALLY going to get around to watching Breaking Bad once they’re done with Six Feet Under (and mourning their loved ones) very upset.

A hearse and White’s RV led a procession through town. Mourners paid for dirt to toss across an empty coffin, which was laid in a real gravesite – with a headstone. It will stay there for now. It was a fitting end for loyal fans, but for families with loved ones laid to rest there, it hits too close to home.

“My son is buried about 15 yards from where the makeshift gravesite is,” Manuel Montano said.

They want the stone out of there to keep tourists away.

“This is a place of mourning,” Montano said. “It’s not a spectacle.” (Via)

The REAL spectacle’s in Detroit, where the entire city has turned into a shrine to the run-down Low Winter Sun.

For more photos from the funeral, which raised $17,000 for charity, these are pretty great.

(via KOB4)