Walton Goggins Is Out Here Teasing A Potential Boyd Crowder Comeback

Walton Goggins is making the publicity rounds for his new HBO series with Danny McBride, Vice Principals. This is terrific news because Walton Goggins is a great talker, and putting a microphone in the general vicinity of his mouth usually yields positive results. Which, conveniently, brings us to this: Entertainment Weekly asked him about Justified and if he misses playing the world’s most eloquent former Nazi hillbilly explosion aficionado, Boyd Crowder, and after confirming that he does, he said this of the presently incarcerated character:

“Someday, he’ll get out. I’ll give it another three or four years, but he’ll get out. I wouldn’t be averse to returning to that relationship with Tim Olyphant’s Raylan Givens for a very specific run. Maybe there’s one more chapter to that story. It’s hard to kill your babies, man. It’s hard to lay them down.”

Now, none of this is anything resembling an official statement. It’s more of a, “Well yeah, I might enjoy that if the opportunity arises.” But let’s be very clear about something here: That is enough to get excited about it. Boyd Crowder was one of the best television characters of the last five or ten years, and Justified was really just a blast of a show, so if they all wanna get together and bring it back for a limited series about Boyd getting released and doing more Boyd things, well, to quote a wise man, “Fire in the hole.”

All they really need now is some sort of plot. Something intriguing. Something that, perhaps, ties back into a frustratingly unresolved thread from the show’s original run. Something like, say…

boyd dq

Yes, something like that.

(Via EW)

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