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It’s my Hitchcockian thriller, “Dial B for Boner”

Press “X” to put on your fedora, “Y” to drink another scotch: Lionsgate has trademarked a “Mad Men” video game.  It doesn’t mean that anything’s in development, but it’s enough for me to hope for a world in which I can make a Jane-Joan threesome a reality. [Softpedia]

Your chance to demonstrate how little self-respect you have: A thorough list of all the reality shows that are casting right now, including the return to New York of “America’s Next Top Model.”  The NYPD has already alerted its riot-control squad. [LIVE]

You’re fired!  No, seriously: A new reality show will “will allow staff at companies struggling in the global recession to choose which colleague should be fired.”  I vote for Mancini!  [Reuters]

Well, then it was all worth it: Colin Powell will appear on an upcoming edition of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” in which he’ll meet former Army medic Jeff Cooper, who “suffers from multiple sclerosis, immune disorders, a collection of symptoms commonly called Gulf War illness and is confined to a wheelchair.” [Baltimore Sun]

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