04.10.09 10 years ago 3 Comments

I didn’t  realize she could speak: Victoria Beckham will voice a character for an episode of “SpongeBob Square Pants.”  Her character will be equipped with flotation devices. [Fancast]

Attention ladies: Jon Hamm is auctioning off lunch with him in Los Angeles to the highest bidder on eBay.  Rawr!  I know what I’d want for dessert!  Creme bruée.  It’s my favorite. [Jam]

Not TV-related but: I do love me a good cat video.  This one is kind of like Spy Vs. Spy except, y’know, with cats. [College Humor]

Wow, a newspaper selling ads?  The LA Times had a controversial Page 1 ad for “Southland” that was designed to look like a real news story.  I watched “Southland” last night, by the way.  Really pretty good.  The rookie cop character fits Benjamin McKenzie about 800 times better than Ryan from “The O.C.” [Franklin Avenue]

Less Eliza Dushku is bad for the world: Fox is cutting the first installment of “Dollhouse” from 13 episodes to 12.  I’m outraged!  …is what I would say if I watched it. [Televisionary]

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