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Yes, please: Allure Magazine has a “naked” issue, and in that naked issue are naked pictures of Padma Lakshmi naked and also naked is Eliza Dushku and then some other naked women are also naked.  Syntax not gooding no clothes without. [Allure]

Wanking motion, ENGAGE! Simon Cowell threatens to leave “American Idol,” or something. [Mirror]

I wanna dip my balls in it: Thanks to the commenter who pointed out that “The State” is going to be released on DVD in July.  Plan your Amazon purchase accordingly.  [SciFiWire]

And by “insinuations of gayness” they mean “pictures of him kissing a dude”:  Can a gay person win “American Idol”?  I’ll save you a click: yes. [New York Times]

You’re going to want to watch this: After the jump is video of  an interview with Joe Hileski, “who was rescued while rafting on the Grand River yesterday.”  Let’s just say no one’s going to accuse him of being one of the liberal elite.  [WZZM 13]

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