Watch 22-Year-Old Idris Elba’s Embarrassing Early Role As An Intergalactic Pizza Delivery Boy

Did you watch the first episode of Luther season three last night? You should. It’s amazing. If you haven’t watched any of Luther yet, catch up with it on Netflix (along with a few other bleak British shows) and save BBC’s airing of Luther on your DVR until you get caught up.

You can attribute 68 percent of Luther’s greatness to Idris Elba, formerly The Wire’s Stringer Bell, who has so much gravitas he has to carry around a suitcase to hold it all. But before Idris was Stringer, he was a struggling actor like everyone else in the business, and that meant taking whatever roles he was offered. Unfortunately for Elba, the Internet has a way of resurrecting those embarrassing early performances, like the one below in which he plays an Intergalactic Pizza Delivery Boy in a British television series called Space Precinct, which was about the extraterrestrial adventures of former NYPD detective Patrick Brogan, now a lieutenant with the Demeter City police force on the planet Altor.

It’s every bit as awful as it sounds, but what really sets your teeth on edge about Elba’s performance in this is his heinous, grotesque, over-the-top weird Southern accent, because I guess pizza boys in space on British television series all come from Alabama, for some reason. It is TERRIBLE.