The Latest ’24: Legacy’ Trailer Proves There Is Life After Jack Bauer

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10.25.16 4 Comments

Tick. Tick. Tick. Get ready for your favorite action series to return to television.
While Jack Bauer, AKA Keifer Sutherland, is over on ABC fumbling through an accidental presidency on Designated Survivor, Corey Hawkins is taking up the mantle of CTU savior for FOX’s new 24 spinoff 24: Legacy. The latest teaser trailer premiered during Game 1 of the World Series on Tuesday, giving fans the first real look at Jack Bauer’s replacement in the butt kicking, terrorist stopping, world saving game of life.

This trailer has everything. The signature clock countdown beeps, the main character saying “I need more time” when his boss is about to shut an operation down, a “situation” at CTU, a potential attack on US soil. It’s all there and better than ever. Plus, this new season has the benefit of getting to see the main character’s origin story instead of resetting with Jack each year. This time, Hawkins’ character is the lone survivor of a special forces team that took out a foreign target for the US government.

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