Watch A Brand-New, 'Hunger Games'-Inspired 'Community' Clip

01.11.13 5 years ago 19 Comments

Community returns in less than a month, and NBC has slowly been releasing new Dan Harmon-less footage to appease the show’s ravenous, no no juice-drinking fans, including the clip after the jump, in which the Dean, temporarily dressed as himself before changing into a red form-fitting dress, introduces the The Hunger…

OK, sure, whatever, but Britta in glasses? Britta in glasses. If I had one complaint about Community during Harmon’s tenure, it’s that Britta didn’t wear glasses enough. I’m already Team Britta, and now Team David Guarascio and Moses Port, too, for their style choice. If she rocks Katniss’s yellow dress, I might explode.

(Hey, it was either drool over Britta’s glasses or comment, like seemingly everyone else, that “something feels off,” even thought it’s a 90-second clip, and the only thing that feels different from seasons one-three is the brief cut to security camera footage. Until February 7th, let’s appreciate all the good things about Britta’s glasses, I mean, Community — and then we can break out the BRING BACK DAN chants.)

(Via Splitsider)

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