Watch A Bunch Of Kids Reenact All Your Favorite Emmy-Nominated Dramas

Here’s a video put together by that features a group of kids reenacting scenes — kind of — from all the Best Drama nominees for the 2014 Emmy Awards: Game of Thrones, True Detective, House of Cards, Mad Men, Downton Abbey, and Breaking Bad. Some of it is a little cutesy for my taste, but some of them are pretty good. My favorite is probably either kiddie Mad Men or Kiddie True Detective, for very different reasons. The Mad Men one is great because (a) it’s fun to hear confident, assertive Draper-speak come out of the mouth of a kid who ain’t that and is littering his lines with “ums,” and (b) it turns out the rampant sexism of the 1960s actually has a lot in common with the Little Rascals-esque girl hating espoused by young boys. Who knew?

As for the True Detective one, sure, it gets a little corny and meta at the end, especially considering all you need for comedy gold is Rust Cohle’s actual words delivered by a child. But, on the other hand…

Source: Daily Dot