Watch A Trailer For The ‘Breaking Bad’-Themed Episode Of ‘Mythbusters’

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07.22.13 13 Comments

vince aaron

While Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston was blowing minds over the weekend in San Diego with the revelation that he walks the Comic-Con floors wearing a Heisenberg mask, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman were busy putting the final touches on a Breaking Bad-themed Mythbusters episode, one in which they, as inspired by W.W., test out whether fulminated mercury would cause a Tuco-inspiring explosion like the one seen in season one’s “Crazy Handful of Nothin.” They probably blew up some stuffed bears and RVs, too, just for fun.

According to EW, the episode, which airs August 12th, the day after Breaking Bad‘s premiere, will look at myths like “whether you can really dissolve a body — and your tub and floor — with hydrofluoric acid,” which, as any down-on-his-luck, desperate-for-work degenerate gambler worth his salt knows, is absolutely true. (Keep the thumbs as souvenirs!) Watch a trailer below, and wonder why they there’s no mention of the words “pizza” or “tossing.”

(Via EW)

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