Watch Aaron Paul Destroy The 'Top Gear' Speed Record

03.04.14 4 years ago 16 Comments

Aaron Paul is out in the UK this week, pimping for his upcoming movie Need for Speed (and I’ve heard from my Pajiba movie critic that it’s much, much better than it looks) by making their talk show round. You may have seen him on The Graham Norton Show demonstrating his talents with this tongue, and over the weekend, he was also a guest on Top Gear.

Top Gear, being a show about cars, also gave Paul an opportunity to talk about the car choices on Breaking Bad (PONTIAC AZTEC), which is one of the things that wasn’t talked to death as the show neared its finale. He got a gentle ribbing from the host, too, after Paul revealed the car he drove in Need for Speed was a Shelby Mustang, but respect when Paul revealed that he has a ’65 Shelby Cobra in his garage.

As the celebrities do when they appear on Top Gear, Aaron Paul also did a lap. His goal? Not to be last. The result: He had the fastest lap ever among Top Gear celebrities. And yes, of course he said “Yeah Bitch!” during his drive.

Well done, Aaron Paul. You beat James Blunt. That’s all that really matters, man. AMERICA! F**K YEAH!

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