Watch Alfonso Ribeiro Own The Dance Floor On The ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Premiere

Alfonso Ribeiro is basically a ringer on Dancing With The Stars. I’m not a regular viewer, so I can’t truly give you a proper comparison and all, but I would have to venture that no one has melded this well into the dancing role. Maybe Tom Delay.

Ribeiro doesn’t seem to even break a sweat during his routine and it almost seems like everyone on the show instantly said, “f*ck it,” all at once. The judges rewarded him with an amazing score and his former co-star/best friend Rick Schroder was there to cheer him along.

Meanwhile, Will Smith is probably off somewhere attempting to understand what Jaden Smith is rambling about and trying to reignite his film career. That doesn’t mean Smith won’t appear to cheer his old co-star on, especially if he makes it to the later rounds. Ribeiro has not ruled out unleashing “The Carlton” on us all at some point, so surprises might happen.

(Via ABC / Ball Room Stars)