Watch All 236 Episodes Of ‘Friends’ In The Very Succinct ‘The One With 236 Seconds’

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09.22.14 5 Comments

In case you’ve never actually watched Friends and you’d like to, but you just don’t have the time to watch four hours of TBS each day, Warner Bros. TV has you covered. In honor of the beloved NBC series’ 20th anniversary, as well as the release of three new box sets, you can now watch one clip from each of the show’s 236 episodes in this video entitled, “The One with 236 Seconds.” I’m not sure that I really believe that every last episode of Friends was covered in this supercut, but I can’t watch it again, because Ross shouting, “PIVOT!” was somehow included in the beginning of the clip, and that sound makes me want to invent time travel so I can go back and stop TV from ever being invented.

Sorry, I just wanted to make sure that I’m the first person in America to mention how much that scene drives me nuts two times today.

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