Watch All Of The Performances From The Live ‘Simpsons’ Show At The Hollywood Bowl

09.15.14 4 Comments

Normally I am very much against people going to live events and spending the entire time holding their cell phones up in front of their faces to record it on a crappy camera when they could just take in the experience in the sparkling high-definition of real life. This time, however, it benefits me greatly, so… look, I never said I was consistent about my strong opinions, okay?

Point being: A YouTube user named YanisRei went to the “Simpsons Take the Bowl” live show at the Hollywood Bowl this weekend and uploaded all (or at least most) of the performances on YouTube. Lots of your favorites are in there, too: “Happy Birthday, Lisa” (performed by Kipp Lennon, the original Michael Jackson impersonator from the episode), “Do the Bartman,” “The Monorail Song” (performed by Conan, which we covered already), and renditions of “See My Vest,” “We Do,” and “Spider Pig” performed by the Los Angeles Gay Men’s Choir, as well as a special appearance by Weirld Al Yankovic. Oh, and Hank Azaria sang “Let It Go” as Chief Wiggum. So there’s that, too.

Short version: This looked fun as hell.


“Opening Theme”

“Do the Bartman”

“The Monorail Song”

Hank Azaria Doing Voices

Jon Lovitz Performing Songs From “Planet of the Apes”

Bart/Moe Crank Call

“Who Needs the Kwik-E-Mart”

“Minimum Wage Nanny”

Chief Wiggum Sings “Let It Go”

“We Do”

“See My Vest”

“Spider Pig”

Weird Al Doing Weird Al Things

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