Watch Amy Poehler Tear Up ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ With A Freestyle Rap

Amy Poehler is a woman of many talents including acting, writing, producing, directing, and hosting the Golden Globes. What many people don’t know is that she dabbles in freestyle rapping.

In this super-cut of her Comedy Bang! Bang! appearances, she raps about Paula Deen, home schooling, and the pros and cons of exotic pets. My favorite parts are her tangent about taking her dog shoe shopping and Bank of America leaving everyone broke.

“They teach me things like arithmetic and how to make bacon in the sink!”

“And I know that the sun is made out of cheese! And the moon is made of a giant, big ball of yarn that goes down at night and up in the morning!”

“Hey, ho, jump off the roof! Hey, ho, jump off the roof into the pool and get paralyzed, but don’t forget to open your eyes, and check out the sun and the ball of yarn!”

“Dogs are b—-es, female dogs are b—-es, I’m not saying something bad, female dogs are b—-es. I got my riches. You’d better take it and buy me some more cars so I can break the sound barrier!”

“Paula Deen’s a mother-f—ing racist! Makes food and says, ‘Let’s taste it!’ Dropping n-bombs all over America, she’s got a problem like America Bank!”

“Butter and jam, butter pecan, butter is off, butter is on, butter be good, butter be bad, butter be the best mother-f—ing thing you’ve had!”

Is there anything Amy Poehler can’t do?

Source: YouTube