Watch This Atlanta Man Sashay Through The Background Of A Live News Report

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This is a news report from Atlanta’s Fox affiliate. It is about a group of suspects who stole two vans from a local child care center, drove one of them through the side of a Chevron convenience store, and threw the store’s ATM machine in the other one before escaping. The security camera footage is a little terrifying, because it shows one customer hurrying out of the way so as not to get smushed by the van as it backed through the front door. And guess what? NONE OF THAT MATTERS ANYMORE, because as the report is ending, a young man creeps his way into the background of the shot and does this:

That GIF doesn’t even do it justice. Watch the video. Skip ahead to the 2:10 mark.

You know what I like about this guy? I’ll tell you. I like that he was standing there, at noon on a weekday, in front of a convenience store that had a huge, van-sized hole in the front, watching the news record a live report about said van-sized hole, and he thought to himself, “Why, yes, I do believe I will sashay through the shot and mug for the camera as though it were dispatched from the station for me and me alone. That sounds like an excellent course of action.” Everything about that is beautiful. I hope they make him anchor.

NOTE: I’m like 10-15% sure he planned the whole robbery so he could double-back and do this the next day.

Source: Hypervocal via Reddit

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