Watch A Bad Ass Journalist Confront Three Gunmen On Camera: ‘You’re Not Gonna F***king Kill Me’

Ross Kemp, a journalist who began his career as an actor on the BBC’s Eastenders, has been an investigative reporter for a documentary series called Ross Kemp on Gangs since 2006. As part of that series, he interviews members from various gangs: Bloods and Crips, Neo-Nazi skinheads, Brazilian gangs, football hooligans, etc. More recently, he traveled to Papua New Guinea to interview the general of a local jungle militia, where things got intense when several gunmen came out of the woods and asked Kemp to get on his hands and knees.

Did Kemp oblige? Hell no! He went Statham on them. While the sound guy is visibly frightened of the gunmen, and while the cameraman keeps on rolling like a CHAMP, Kemp basically grabs the barrel of one of the guy’s guns and says, “You’re not gonna f**king kill me.” It works, too. After a brief stand-off with what Kemp calls a “wimp,” the guys back down and, in fact, become very friendly with him.

The confrontation starts around the 2:00 mark. The members of the jungle militia are initially friendly with him, but several men come out with the intention of holding him up and perhaps stealing their equipment. What’s even more impressive about this, other than the fact that Kemp basically stares down three guys with shotguns, is how casual he is about it, taking sips of his bottled water like it’s just another day at the office. Cool as a goddamn cucumber.

via Business Insider

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