Watch Bill Hader Lose It During ‘Coal Miners,’ A Sketch Cut From This Week’s ‘SNL’

Bill Hader is one of those SNL cast members who is known for occasionally losing his sh*t during sketches. In fact, my favorite Bill Hader sketch of all time was a dress rehearsal version of The Californians, in which Hader completely loses his sh*t.

Hader didn’t lose it to that extent in any of this weekend’s sketches, but he came the closest in “Gossipy Coal Miners.” NBC says that cut the sketch for time, but Lorne Michaels may have cut it because he knew Hader wasn’t going to be able to go through all the small-penis metaphors in the sketch without losing it again, as he did during dress. Beyond losing it, it’s also a pretty decent sketch, too.

Source: SNL