Watch Bill Murray Make Tongue Twisters His Bitch In A Lost ‘Fun & Games’ Video

Thirty years ago, Bill Murray was at the first peak of his long and celebrated comedic career, coming off his stint on Saturday Night Live, his starring role in Stripes and supporting roles in both Caddyshack and Tootsie. It was also the time of the LaserDisc, the short-lived forerunner to the CD and DVD, only it was giant and few people bought them because both the discs and the players were too expensive and they made lousy frisbees.

God only knows why Bill Murray got involved with the LaserDisc title, Fun & Games, a compilation that also featured Meadowlark Lemon (from the Harlem Globetrotters) and included everything from stickball to puppets to palmistry to marbles. It also included a chapter on tongue twisters, featuring a young Bill Murray showing the kids how to master the art of, uhm … tonguistry.

It should’ve been lost for the ages, but one enterprising man with what must have been a very crowded attic dug up the video and posted it to YouTube, where a Redditor unearthed it and brought it back to life. And yes: It is every bit as amazing as you’d think, including “Betty Bought a Bit of Butters” IN SONG.