Bradley Cooper And Jimmy Fallon Wore Silly NFL Visors To Play Egg Russian Roulette

Switching out guns for eggs in Russian roulette seems like a swell idea at first, but once you read a bit about the egg industry and just what they’re trying to do with our minds, you’ll throw your eggs at the nearest house. But that is another article, on another site, with another set of questionable sources.

Here, my questionable source is The Tonight Show, where Bradley Cooper and Jimmy Fallon throw on some silly ass visors and play some egg Russian roulette. It is like that scene from The Deer Hunter, but with eggs and no smoking. The kinda thing you’d find Frank Reynolds putting together for the basement of Paddy’s Pub when in a pinch.

I like seeing Cooper cut loose. I saw the trailer for American Sniper again yesterday and I don’t think I can take the intensity there. Cracking eggs is easier than shooting kids (allegedly).

(Via The Tonight Show)

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