Watch Brody As A Literal Wolf In Sheep's Clothing In This 'Sesame Street' 'Homeland' Parody

Are you a fan of both beloved, publicly-funded sock puppets and dark counterterrorism dramas that run on premium cable networks? Do you like puns? If you answered yes to both of those questions, I have some good news for you: The folks over at Sesame Street produced a parody of Homeland, titled Homelamb, which features Brody (or Baaaaaaaaaa-rody, as it were) as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Like, literally. He’s the Big Bad Wolf and he’s wearing a sheep costume. That’s him up there in the banner picture. It’s a metaphor.

The parody itself is pretty decent, especially the stuff with Carrie. I mean, it’s no “Anne Hathaway Doing Carrie’s Quivering Lip Cryface On SNL” or anything, but really, not much is. I give it a solid B+. Now if they could just hurry up and make me a Justified parody starring Oscar the Grouch as Art, that’d be swell.