Watch Conan Show Off His Best Stripper Moves For ‘Magic Mike XXL’

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All the female staffers at Conan have been really excited about Magic Mike XXL, which came out yesterday. The staffers were so excited, in fact, that Conan had to see what all the buzz was about himself. Armed only with the knowledge that LL Magic M (ladies love Magic Mike) and the unquenched desire for a girls’ night, our favorite red-headed comic braved the movie theater to learn exactly what kind of secrets Channing Tatum has under his wizard’s robe. (Just suspend disbelief with me, okay?)

The entire thing is awkward and hilarious (watch Conan’s assistant reject his hug!), but nothing can beat the cringe-inducing moment when the late-night host refers to Channing Tatum as “Chay Tay Tay” and then proceeds to show off his best stripper moves. Not even seeing Magic Mike XXL with your mom. Well, maybe seeing the porn parody. That could be very uncomfortable.

(Via Team Coco)