Watch Conan Take Jordan Schlansky On A Very Serious Coffee Tasting Trip

I don’t think I’ve ever loved and hated a video clip the way I do this one. It’s Conan on location, so that’s great, and then Jordan Schlansky is involved, so it’s full of laughs. But there is also a lot of farty dialogue about coffee.

Discussion about the fruitiness of the brew, the process behind a bean roast, and coffee particle percentages. I can hardly stand it, even if the lovely Eden is the one doing the explaining.

I know I’m just white trash who enjoys highway truck stop coffee on a daily basis. Even though, I have a good feeling that my level of life enjoyment is just as high, if not higher, than the people in this video. Except for Conan. He whipped creamed and wisecracked his way into my heart, much like he always does. Plus I’m pretty sure his life is ten times better than my own.

(Via Team Coco)