Watch Delicate Flower Jake Gyllenhaal Get The Living Sh*t Scared Out Of Him On The ‘Ellen’ Show

If I was ever going to appear on Ellen — you know, if she were ever doing some feature segment on bloggers with a lot of cats — I would probably look inside that end table between the two chairs before even sitting down, as well as bring some kind of compact mirror with me to survey the entire perimeter behind and around me at all times. This is because Ellen likes to scare her guests. As she’s done with Eric Stonestreet time and time again, during an interview airing today with Jake Gyllenhaal, Ellen Degeneres seized the opportunity to scare the living crap out of the Academy Award-nominated actor with a guy dressed up as the scary doll from that Annabelle movie.

What’s that, Jake Gyllenhaal? You’ve got this big, buzzed about film coming out? Well Ellen ain’t care because Halloween is in two days. Enjoy that load in your pants.