Watch Diane Keaton Hilariously Not Understand Beer Pong AT ALL With Jimmy Fallon

Two things to consider here before we jump into this: First, Diane Keaton is known for being gloriously eccentric. Second, if you’ve ever tried to make anyone over the age of sixty-five understand anything about technology or youth culture, you know full well what a daunting task that is.

So both of those factors coming together created the perfect storm of Diane Keaton F*CKING SH*T UP at beer pong. I’m sorry, red wine with ice pong, because you know Madam Keaton would never allow anything as pedestrian as beer to touch her lips.

Rather than bother to try explaining, here is a pictorial of the five ways red wine with ice pong with Diane Keaton went horrendously wrong:

Really, you should just watch the entire video. It made my entire day.