Here’s Dustin Hoffman Making Out With Jason Bateman On Kiss Cam

By now, we all know of some of the crazy sh*t that goes down on Graham Norton’s talk show. We’re not sure how the guy does it, but he’s able to be the first to break some of the more serious stories in the entertainment world. It was on his show that we first learned why Benedict Cumberbatch couldn’t say the word “penguins,” and the real reason why Bono wears sunglasses all the time. But this latest news may be the biggest story of the TV journo’s career.

Jason Bateman and his Horrible Bosses 2 cast-mate Jennifer Aniston were guests on the British talk show along with Dame Judi Dench and Dustin Hoffman, where the veteran actor decided to lock lips with his fellow couch warmers on the air. First up was Bateman, whose long and romantic history with Hoffman began at a Lakers game years ago.

According to Hoffman, the men operating the kiss cam for the Lakers, a team he regularly supports, loved panning to him and his wife during breaks. After “mounting” her and “sauntering down south” a couple of times, Hoffman had a dilemma; he couldn’t top his voyeuristic exploits with his life partner. So instead, he turned to Bateman. Norton showed off pics of the two sharing their first kiss courtesy of a jumbotron kiss cam in all of its open-mouthed, gum swapping glory.

But the celebrity mono experiment didn’t end there. After trying out a kiss cam of their own on Bateman and guest Olly Murs, the show singled out Dench who handled Hoffman mounting her on national television like the classy lady she is.

(Via The Graham Norton Show)