Watch Ernie Get A Colonoscopy On ‘Conan’ To Celebrate The 45th Anniversary Of ‘Sesame Street’

It’s a hell of a night when you can find a way to top Jessica Chastain, Adam Pally poop stories, and a grand choreographed musical number with a trio of murderous bears, but Conan may have found a way last night thanks to this bizare recognition of the 45th anniversary of Sesame Street.

In the above video, beloved children’s character Ernie is heavily sedated while a Doctor guides a tube… you know how these things work, we all remember Katie Couric’s colon.

The best part isn’t the sight gag, though, it’s Ernie’s shout-out to Bert and the reveal of who was on the other side waiting for him before Conan O’Brien robbed him of eternal bliss.

All of this adds up to further evidence that the world needs more adult puppet comedy.

Source: TeamCoco