'Archer' Exclusive: Watch The Original First Draft Of The 'Archer Vice' Daydream Trailer

You probably remember the “Archer Vice” daydream/preview montage from the season five premiere thanks to these GIFs, a pet tiger, and its overall undeniable awesomeness. Well, the first draft was a good deal different, and our best buds at Floyd County continue to be cool enough to fill us in on all the behind-the-scenes action. Per Associate Producer Mark Parsons:

So if you recall, the first episode of Archer this season ended with the reveal that the ISIS gang are sitting on a tonne of cocaine. Or even if you don’t recall, that’s still what happened. Excited by the prospect of forming a cartel, Archer disappears into a daydream — a daydream that plays out a lot like a trailer for the rest of the season.

As Adam Reed continued writing the season, however, a few plot points began to change, and so then did the daydream trailer.

Lucky for you, the first draft of the trailer made it all the way to the animatic stage in production, so you, right here, right now, can watch the unaired original version! Because you’re reading this and you’re into this kind of thing!

Be sure to catch all-new episode of Archer tonight at 10pm EST on FX.

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